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Address: 166 Lê Lợi, Phường 3, Quận Gò Vấp, TPHCM

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumping Works

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After getting1 year Electrical Training Course in Japan, I worked for Japanese mechanical & electrical construction companies in Vietnam, I got a chance to come back Japan again to study and graduated master course of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Japan. And I also had chance to work for M & E construction company in Gifu Province of Japan.

When I were working for the Japanese company, I were be charmed by high technical abilities of Japanese.

So I would like to set a level like Japanese for Vietnamese technician in some day. So I have begun to initiate the Vietnamese youth Japanese technologies I have studied and used in Japanese companies, and to contribute to the improvement of Vietnam. That is why I established the company with the slogan :” JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY x VIETNAMESE ABILITY”.

In recent years, it is changing a lot at the high speed. Vietnamese economy is raised by advances of overseas capital, and the construction is increasing from city to province. These are opportunities for us to make use of studied technologies in Japan for projects in Vietnam,            Especially They will be useful in mechanical & electrical construction of more buildings, factory and housing.

Our company swears to provide "safety" - "relief" and the service with high quality like Japan.

We would like to respond to customer’s needs and continue growth as a prestige company in mechanical & electrical construction.

With new our company‘s education, we believe that technology and ability of our staff members become higher and professional day by day.


                                                                                                     Managing Dirextor

                                                                                                     Nguyễn Thành Bảo

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Mechanical, Electrical & Plumping Works

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