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Address: 166 Lê Lợi, Phường 3, Quận Gò Vấp, TPHCM

About us

About us



- Company name: DIEN VIET NHAT Company LTD (Acronym:DIVINHCOM)

- Representative:     Nguyen Thanh Bao

- Estaplishment:   1st Jan 2011

- Capital:  4.5 billion VND(Jan 2012 to present)

- Business:  Mechanical & Electrical Construction, Consultant & Design of Mechanical & Electrical Plan

(Including Power system, Lighting system,Telephone system, LAN system, Public Address system, CCTV system, Fire Alarm system, Access control system, Lightning system, Air Conditioning system, Ventilation system)

- Staff member:  15 persons (Regular employee)

                                50 person    (Contract employee)

- Sub contractor: An Phu Company LTD、Nguyen Dinh Company LTD、Hong Pham LTD. Company、Minh Nhat High voltage Construction Company 。

-Address:   166 Le Loi Street , Ward 3 , Go Vap District , Ho Chi Minh City

                      Tel (84-8) 39859661

                       Fax (84-8) 39859661                 


- High Construction Contract: 7 billions dong(Feb 2012 to present)

- Working Area:  VSIP1 BINHDUONG Province - Green View Hotel, AMATA Industrial Park Bien Hoa City – Brother factory, NHON TRACH Industrial Park – Tanaka Scale Vietnam factory, LONG HAU Industrial Park Long An Province – Nagamatsu factory, A&B TOWER Ho Chi Minh City - ASWIG IT Office, 7 District Ho Chi Minh City - Renault Showroom and some palaces)

- Affiliate:  Archimarks Company LTD., Viet Long Construction Company、New CC Construction Company、Shimizu Corporation、Kajima Overseas Asia PTE LTD., Kinden Vietnam Company LTD.、Kandenko Corporation

Greetings of representative

After getting 1 year Electrical Training Course in Japan, I worked for Japanese mechanical & electrical construction companies in Vietnam, I got a chance to come back Japan again to study and graduated master course of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Japan. And I also had chance to work for M & E construction company in Gifu Province of Japan.

When I were working for the Japanese company, I were be charmed by high technical abilities of Japanese.

So I would like to set a level like Japanese for Vietnamese technician in some day. So I have begun to initiate the Vietnamese youth Japanese technologies I have studied and used in Japanese companies, and to contribute to the improvement of Vietnam. That is why I established the company with the slogan :” JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY x VIETNAMESE ABILITY”.

In recent years, it is changing a lot at the high speed. Vietnamese economy is raised by advances of overseas capital, and the construction is increasing from city to province. These are opportunities for us to make use of studied technologies in Japan for projects in Vietnam,             Especially They will be useful in mechanical & electrical construction of more buildings, factory and housing.

Our company swears to provide "safety" - "relief" and the service with high quality like Japan.

We would like to respond to customer’s needs and continue growth as a prestige company in mechanical & electrical construction.

With new our company‘s education, we believe that technology and ability of our staff members become higher and professional day by day.


Business introduction

 The harmonious fusion of Japanese technology and the Vietnam sense! We would like to be realized this masterpiece.

It is thoroughly scrupulous from starting to finishing., exact installation of cable or equipments with high quality, and also I promise the valuable construction which is requested, such as time for delivery and a flexible budget, and can certainly be satisfied.

Electrical work

 The optimal electricity distribution system is designed for common residence, commercial establishment, a factory, a public facility, welfare facilities, etc.

We can carry out a total quotation from starting construction to management after finishing, and it is always safety to supply the stable electricity.


 Television system, telephone system, LAN system, etc. build the environment where the information-and-telecommunications tool closely concerned with a daily life can be used comfortably.

Although development is a remarkable field, We can support the newest system thoroughly.

Air conditioner & Ventilation

 Comfortable environment is created by installation of air-conditioner system and a ventilation system.

Of course, dealing with all makers' types, the setting position, the existing equipments.

Fire-fighting facility

 Following laws of government, it proposes and constructs fire-fighting system,  fire alarm system, etc.

Performing check and repair periodically after construction. It is safety and relief to use.

Machinery-and-appliance installation

Installation of production machine, generator, cleaning shower, machinery and appliance mainly used at a factory.

Work is finished carefully and quickly, Machine will be repeated  test run and handed over in the condition where it can be used immediately. Maintenance is performed after installation.

Internship activity



Ly Tu Trong Technical College


Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry - HUI





                        No. 7 Technical College




A representative's profile

He was born on January 10, 1976.

He is from Ho Chi Minh City.

He graduated master of the civil & architectural engineering department of the Toyohashi University of Technology school engineering research with master degree.

He is first term student of the "KINDEN class" in Vietnam and as a trainee of the KINDEN training school in Japan in 1996, and as an employee of KINDEN CORP from1997.

 -1997 : SaigonRiversideOfficeBuilding site (Foreman of cabling and piping)

 -1998 ~1999 :  Legend Hotel site (As Foreman of Cabling for main switchboard & motor control panel, connection)

                         Nidec Tosok factory A Factory (As technology manager),

-1999~2000 : Nidec Tosok factory D Factory (As supervisor of  installation of electrical equipments, making shop- drawing, As-built drawing)

- 2000 ~2001: Nidec Copal factory, the Nidec Tosok E factory site (As site manager of making design-drawing,shop-drawing, controlling technology, estimating quantity)

- 2001~2003 : TAN THUAN export processing Zone renovation electrical work (Making drawing, quotation)

   *  Wine Food factory, a Winefood dormitory, Unimax factory electric work (Control M&E design drawing, Making shop-drawing, managing technology, estimating quantity).

   * PHU MY thermal power plan

- 2003 ~2004 :TAO DAN high-voltage substation (As consultant of M & E technology)

- Mar ~ Sep 2005 : Worked for Ho Chi Minh Branch of SHIMIZU Corporation.

- Sep 2005 ~ 2009 :  Studied and graduated master course of Architecture and Civil Engineer in Toyohashi University of Technology.

After graduating master course, he worked for Okumura Corporation in Gifu province of Japan. he came back Vietnam in July. And he started this business in Aug 2010.